Fantasy Infinity Group 飛映數位集團 

Fantasy Infinity Group was founded by Joy ( YEN, WU-HSIUNG ) in 2013. Joy adheres to the idea that "let the imagination be unlimited, and exceed ourselves". He is leading the team of professional technicians.
With more than one decade of internationl project participation experience, Fantasy Infinity has won the favor of companies from the United States and Japan because of our high quality production in VFX.
We started to have interest in Augmented Reality ( AR ) in earlier year. We saw the stagnation of AR in the business market, therefore we started to make research on AR. Through different perspectives and VFX ability, we have developed a new method for AR application and apply it to education, table games, and character interaction.
Replying on the experience of AR research and development, we began to pay attention to the development of Augmented Reality / Mixed Rreality glasses trend. In that time, the application of Mixed Reality ( MR ) was just in the very beginning which only applied to manufacturing, engineering, and healthcare. To our curiosity was that MR still not apply to entertainment and education. Therefore, as one of the contributor of M&E industry, we decide to give it a shot in making possibility of the breakthrough in MR development.
After research on earlier MR software architecture, we found that there are quite lots for growth. We started to focus on 3 goals:make spatial positioning precisely, make MR image better quality, and make MR computing performance much better. According to the proof of our MR tech development, we can now apply MR in entertainment, education, even life. It's the future!
With our growth, Fantasy Infinity Group started the new brand company, Visual Fun Co., Ltd. Focusing on AR and MR business, the mission of Visual Fun Co., Ltd. is to be the changer to make the future happen, and make interaction more fun.
We are planning to make MR with AI, Cloud, Motion Sensse, to create international market which towrd to Japan and the United States.

隨著飛映數位集團投入在AR與MR的突破,2023年我們看好前景,成立「互動細胞股份有限公司」,秉持著"創造未來娛樂生活的改變者"使命,期待讓人們透過MR技術,真正看到實現未來的路程。我們計畫將逐步運用MR混合實境技術,結合AI人工智慧、Cloud雲端運算、Motion Sense體感,以美國與日本為基地,打造國際新興市場。

The new brand for Augemented Reality and Mixed Reality:Visual Fun 

Visual Fun Co., Ltd. is a new brand of creating new forms, high quality for future life and entertainment. We break the limitation of current Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality application, and creating a new market for entertainment, education, and life.
We are developing 5 new market:
  1. Augmented Reality (AR) x Education:Upgrade digital learning with fun interaction
  2. Mixed Reality (MR) x Entertainment:New immersive interactive experience
  3. Mixed Reality (MR) x Anime:Achieve the imagination for future
  4. Mixed Reality (MR) x Family:the helper for quality of living
  5. Mixed Reality (MR) x Sports:interactive MR training for national players

互動細胞股份有限公司Visual Fun Co., Ltd.,是創造新形態、高質感的未來娛樂生活互動品牌,打破目前市場對AR擴增實境與MR混合實境的限制,致力創造全新的國際市場應用指標,打造新型的XR娛樂文化生態圈!
  1. AR x 教育:數位教育再升級
  2. MR x 娛樂:全新的沉浸體驗
  3. MR x 動漫:滿足對未來的想像力
  4. MR x 家庭:居家陪伴好幫手
  5. MR x 運動:國家選手的訓練資源

Visionary Mixed Reality Development

4 main key development of our MR 四大MR關鍵技術發展

1. IM(Interact Mapper):MR空間定位技術
2. DO(Data Optimize):MR數位優化技術
3. CS(Combo Synergy):AR融合技術
4. RL(Reality Link):同步連線技術

4 features of our MR

1. 60 FPS game-level computing performance
60 FPS遊戲等級的運算效能

2. MR computing performance can be optimized to 5 times
3. IM makes spatial anchor stability upgrade to 3 times

4. the real synchronize multi-machine connection

Combined with 3 mature tech to create future market

1. with AI:make virtual character interactive close to "humanity"

2. with Cloud:to make data integration and strengthen computing effectively

3. with Motion Sense:upgrade the experience with more actual sensory stimulation
搭配Motion Sense體感技術:幫助體感體驗升級,加深人們與虛擬角色互動過程的沉浸感,增加更多感官刺激,為體驗帶來深刻印象

About Founder

Our founder, Joy (YEN, WU-HSIUNG) thinks when facing challenge, there's always the most efficient solution. With more than 20 years of experience in international cooperation, he believes that continuous evolution of ideas and communication skills is the first expression of professionalism.
In the past decade, Joy has led the team from international production to the development of XR technology. In recent years, we have been continuing break through the horizon of the market. Our MR and AR application will enter the market of the United States and Japan.
顏武雄Joy (YEN, WU-HSIUNG),認為面對挑戰,總是有最高效率的方法可以突破!累積20年以上的國際合作經驗,認為不斷的進化想法與溝通能力,是專業的首要表現。
About the Team

The talents of our team are all from Taiwan. We adhere 4 ideas to gain international experience so that we have ability to create the future.
We are interested in the novelty, something forward, high challenging thing. We are good at creating image by multiple technical solution. When you see our vision, your thinking will closer to the world.
  • BETTER QUALITY : There is no best but only "better". We always pay attention to break through ourselves.
  • OPEN MIND : With forward-looking vision to create new content
  • TRUST : We achieve the goal which we make commitment
  • CURIOSITY : We always keep the spirit of curiosity!

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